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Standards for Packaging and Labelling of Green Food
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[China Food Network]
1. Packaging Standards of Green Food
(1) The concept and basic requirements of food packaging refer to the general name of containers, materials and auxiliary materials used according to certain technology in order to protect products, facilitate storage and transportation, and promote sales in the process of food circulation. It also refers to the operation activities of applying certain technical methods in the process of using containers, materials and auxiliary materials in order to achieve the above purposes. The basic requirements of food packaging are:
Long shelf life.
(2) No secondary pollution
(3) Less loss of original nutrition and flavor
4. Packaging cost should be low.
Convenient and safe storage and transportation
Increase aesthetic feeling and arouse appetite
(2) Packaging Standards of Green Food
This standard is being developed. China's packaging industry started relatively late. On the issue of development and environmental protection, some of the existing traditional packaging is not conducive to environmental protection. The whole process of packaging products from raw materials, product manufacturing, use, recycling and waste should meet the requirements of environmental protection, including saving resources, energy, reducing and avoiding waste generation, easy recycling, recycling, degradability and other specific requirements and contents. That is to say, the developed countries in the world require packaging to fulfill the principles of "3R" and "1D" (Reduce reduction, Reuse reuse, Recycle recycling and Degradable degradation).
2. Green food labeling standards
In addition to the basic requirements of food packaging, the packaging of green food products should meet the requirements of the Handbook of Design Standards for Green Food Marks. The standard of green food packaging label is being formulated. Before formulation, the packaging label of green food should conform to the national "General Standard for Food Label" GB-7718-94. The standard stipulates that the following contents must be marked on food labels:
(1) Name of food
(2) Ingredient List
(3) Net content and solid content
(4) Name and address of manufacturer and distributor
(5) Date marks (date of production, shelf life or/and shelf life) and storage guidelines
_. Quality (Quality) Level
(3) Product Standard Number
_. Special annotation content
3. Anti-counterfeiting Label Standard of Green Food
The anti-counterfeiting label of green food has the function of protecting and monitoring green food. Anti-counterfeiting labels are advanced in technology, specific in use, reasonable in price, and have various types of labels, which can satisfy the packaging of different products. The standard stipulates that:
(1) Products licensed to use green food labels must be labeled with anti-counterfeiting labels of green food labels;
(2) Anti-counterfeiting labels of green food labels can only be used on the same number of green food products. The label shall not be used for non-green food or green food products that do not conform to the anti-counterfeiting label number of green food.
(3) Anti-counterfeiting labels of green food labels should be affixed to prominent positions on the front of food labels or their packaging, and the overall image of green food such as green labels and numbers should not be concealed.
(4) The location of the anti-counterfeiting label affixed to the same product by the enterprise and the location of the large label used for the outer packing box sealing shall be fixed and shall not be changed at will.