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Packaging Design-Text Design of Packaging Decoration
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[China Packaging Network]
The text content of packaging decoration mainly includes the following aspects:
Basic Text: Packaging Brand, Name of Product and Name of Production Enterprise. Generally arranged on the main display surface of the barley, the name of the production enterprise can also be arranged on the side or back. Generally, brand names are standardized, which is helpful to establish product image. Name words can be decorated and changed.
Document text: Document text includes product composition, capacity, model, specifications, etc. The layout part is mostly on the side and back of the package, and can also be arranged on the front. Printed fonts should be used in design.
Description: Describe the use, usage, maintenance and precautions of the product. The content of the text should be concise and concise, and the typeface should be printed. Generally not arranged on the front of the package.
Advertising text: This is a promotional text with the characteristics of propaganda content. The content should be honest, concise, vivid, deceptive and abetting, and its layout should be changeable. However, the advertising text is not necessary.
Packaging font design
Chinese calligraphy font has a good expressive force, reflects different personality characteristics, and is a vivid language in packaging and decoration design.
Printed characters are clear and easy to distinguish, and are more widely used in packaging. Chinese character printing is mainly used in packaging, including the old Song style, the black style, the variety art style and the round black style. Different types of printing have different styles, which have a good effect on the performance of different commodity characteristics.
The most abundant and changeable decorative font is used in packaging and decoration design. There are many forms of decorative body, such as shape change, brush change, structure change, image change and so on. Effective selection should be made for different commodity contents.
Font selection in packaging design should generally pay attention to the following points:
1. The style and style of the font should embody the attribute characteristics of the content.
2. Good recognition and readability of fonts, especially the use of calligraphy. In order to avoid the general consumer can not understand, we should adjust and improve it so that it can be pulled by the public without losing its artistic flavor.
3. Note that the font style of the same name and content should be consistent.
4. In addition to the Chinese characters in packaging design, the packaging of export commodities, or the design of packaging characters for domestic and foreign sales, will inevitably involve the use of foreign languages. Among them, the Latin script is most involved in packaging. This kind of writing is characterized by word formation with letters. Twenty-six letters can be divided into big letters and small letters.
2. Arrangement and Design of Packaging Text
In addition to font design, the layout and processing of packaging text is another important factor in forming packaging image. In arranging and processing, attention should be paid not only to the relationship between words, but also to the relationship between lines, groups and groups. Writing on packaging is considered as a whole in different directions, locations and sizes. Therefore, in form, it can produce more abundant changes than the general bookbinding and advertising text arrangement.
In addition to adjusting the thickness, space and area, there should be a clear distinction between line spacing and space. More standardized text layout is generally four-thirds of the line spacing is willing to have decorative changes in the text relationship can be flexible and changeable.
The basic requirement of packaging text layout design is to grasp the key points of the layout according to the attributes of the content, the primary and secondary of the text itself, starting from the whole. The so-called focus does not necessarily refer to a part, but can also be a trend or feature of the overall image.
As far as the change of arrangement forms is concerned, it is changeable and has no definite pattern, but it can be divided into the following common types with reference to Chapter 2: horizontal arrangement, vertical arrangement, circular arrangement, conformal arrangement, step arrangement, staggered arrangement, grass arrangement, centralized arrangement, corresponding arrangement, repetitive arrangement, pictographic arrangement and axis arrangement. In addition to the use of individual forms, they can also be used in combination with each other, and can evolve into more forms in the actual arrangement.