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Product Packaging Hierarchical Serialization System
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The product packaging hierarchical serialization system includes marking and tracking the packaging of food products and the transport packaging used to transport the food to warehouses. The data clearing center receives the transport package code uploaded by mobile phone from the receiving point, and auxiliary information such as the time, date, location and mobile device identification related to the transport package code. The purpose of the data clearing center is to correlate the labeled food product packaging with the receipt volume.
  In the field of technology, the invention is related to food tracking systems, especially those that need to track the entire distribution process.
Contaminated foods with inventive backgrounds enter different regions and countries through distribution systems at all levels, which puts many people at great risk to their health. At the same time, food contamination may be intentional or unintentional. Once suspected or found, a rapid response is needed to avoid contaminated products entering a wider population.
Currently, food tracking systems, especially for fresh fruits and vegetables, usually fail to accurately locate and isolate potentially contaminated agricultural products. Sometimes, the only way is to recall, or else for reasons of responsibility to other brands, the dealer will destroy all the inventory in the batch. It takes a lot of time to trace the shipping records of food from the point of sale to the manufacturer, and the records themselves may lack sufficient information to enable us to identify suspicious links, farms, or raw materials. Retailers and consumers may have to abandon the same dealer's products because of concerns that the food they buy may be contaminated. Therefore, in the outbreak of food contamination incidents, dealers pay a very high price, even in the absence of food contamination incidents, the potential loss of dealers'inventory of food is always there.

  通常来说,运输包装箱(如盒子)会被运到预备区,种植户(包括他们的农产品经纪)可根据需要进出预备区。农产品采购商等取得运输包装箱后将其运到个体农场或者他们存储农产品的地方。运输包装箱现场打开,单个农产品包装(包装箱或蛤壳形食品盒)被批发给各经销商。可能提前、同时或是将一盒农产品分销给经销商后,现场就会用一台手机传输语音、文本或图片信息给数据结算中心,可以通过拨打电话或浏览网页等方式, 将运输包装箱编码数据传递给特定农场或线路点。其位置信息与特定农场或田地绑定;时间/日期数据,可供参考的丰收时间数据与位置一起和收获时节的天气或有关情况相关联;同时,手机号码也能绑定特定的收割团队或种植户。
  Early detection of food contamination or quality problems involving raw materials can also better understand the causes of the problems, and more timely, focused and effective measures can be taken to remedy them. In this way, the quality of food can be better or at least consistently maintained.
The ability to trace the origin of food raw materials can also provide retailers and customers with more information, facilitate their choice of foods of interest, and provide more opportunities for dealers such as food companies to contact customers. For example, interested retailers or customers can find the harvesting data and location of the corresponding agricultural products, and can take into account local weather and other conditions at that time. Subscription services can specifically inform interested retailers or customers, such as farm-specific crop harvest time, based on pre-set agricultural products or conditions. The early warning system can be used to notify registered customers of potential food problems, including the coding range involved. For example, in the monitoring list, customers are provided with product coding intervals, direct information to customers or suggestions to contact distributors, retailers and other responsible parties who have access to the database.
The test page links the product packaging code with the location, time, date and caller to achieve various levels of interaction. For example, the captain of the harvesting team and the data clearing center may receive a valid notification of the uploaded transport packaging code, or if it is not valid, the system will also notify it.
Transportation packaging code can be uploaded in a variety of ways. For example, the code can be used by text information or by dialing an automatic response system or data entry staff. If an invalid code is registered, the staff or program will correct it to ensure that the record is valid code. When an error occurs, the system calls back to inform it. You can also upload code by sending picture data. For example, the box code may contain a variety of symbols, such as text, symbols, bar codes and other symbols that can be translated from the picture. Therefore, the pictures of the transport boxes can also be transmitted to the data settlement center, which decrypts and stores them together with other valid information. In addition, if the code is not successfully recorded, the telephone system will process it by calling back or other means of communication.
Brief introduction of drawings

FIG.1 The graphics are related to the label system. The invention relates to a single agricultural product packing box code and a transport packing box code. Among them, agricultural product packaging boxes are placed in transport packaging boxes, while transport packaging boxes are mainly used in transportation.
  FIG2. 2A-2F introduced the process of packaging, packaging, transportation, recording and distribution of agricultural products.

  FIG. 3  As a data clearing center, it will collect and disseminate data as a distribution center.

  FIG. 4  It is a cross-sectional map of the label on the back, including the detachable label section, which retains the independent information of the agricultural packaging box.

  IG. 5  It is the surface of the label. The printed content includes product identity information and logistics information.

  FIG. 6 It is a cross-sectional map of the label of the transport packing box, which includes an embedded radio frequency identification (RFID) tag.

FIG. 7 It is the schematic diagram of the work of the Data Settlement Center.