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Anhui Tongda Packaging Material Ltd. has won one invention patent and five utility model patent
Source: | Author:hftongda | Publish time: 2012-08-01 | 590 Views | Share:
On June 13, 2012, "Air Account Shaft Loading and Unloading Transport Vehicle" independently developed by Anhui Tongda Packaging Material Co., Ltd. was authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office (patent number: ZL 200910222284.8).
On July 4, the other five utility model patents independently developed by the company were also authorized by the State.
Patent development is of great significance. It is an urgent need for enterprises to enhance their market competitiveness. Therefore, the company establishes a comprehensive patent protection network through patent mining, especially the comprehensive protection of core technologies. At the same time, increasing the number of patents and the content of intangible assets is also the key to enhance the core competitiveness of the company.