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Virtue and talent are both available, regardless of style, and only when people make the best use of their talents can they make the best use of them.

Have both ability and political integrity——Talent is the capital of virtue; virtue is the handsome of talent.

Not to stick to one pattern——We should innovate the concept of talents and select talents regardless of their seniority.
Give full scope to the talents——People have both strengths and weaknesses, regardless of size, both virtue and talent, and both inside and outside. He who knows and does his duty well will do his best.

Make the best use of it ——Because of its material, it can be judged and allowed to use its strengths to cover up its weaknesses.

Accessible packaging regarding talents as the most precious enterprise resources and taking "talent first, people-oriented" as the original side, a set of talents mechanism has been formed, which emphasizes talents, cherishes talents, develops talents, uses talents, retains talents and promotes talents. With the mission of growing up together between employees and enterprises, the ultimate goal of "harmonious win-win and common development" has been achieved.

 Recruitment position

Sales Manager

Job responsibilities:

1. Sales management position, responsible for the main objectives and plans in its functional areas;

2. Formulating, participating in or assisting the upper level in implementing relevant policies and systems;

3. Responsible for the daily management of the Department and the management, guidance, training and evaluation of the staff of the department;

4. Responsible for the organization's sales operations, including planning, organization, progress control and review;

5. Assist General Manager in setting sales objectives, sales models, sales strategies, sales budgets and incentive plans;

6. Establish and manage sales team to achieve sales objectives;


Job responsibilities:

1. Complete the tasks on time and in quantity according to the requirements of the head of the department, and complete the tasks of the day and the month;

2. Subordinate to the leadership arrangement and complete the technical learning tasks outside the post;

3. Complete the temporary work assigned by the leader.

4. Be responsible for pre-sale technical guidance and after-sale delivery, installation and maintenance.

5. Mainly responsible for assembly and distribution.


1. Hardworking     

2. Driving with C1 driver's license        

3. Strong ability of language expression and communication

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