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  After years of hard work, Anhui Tongda Packaging has established a good reputation, and gradually formed its unique sales network throughout the country, laying a solid foundation for further occupation of the market. In order to seek a new profit growth point, Tongda Packaging not only keeps good cooperation with existing domestic customers, but also establishes a long-term stable cooperative relationship with foreign customers and strong color printing companies, develops broader customer resources, and enables Tongda Packaging products to be sold to a wider area.

 Sales network

 Service tenet

  Our company has a perfect after-sales service system, providing customers with a variety of services to help customers solve various problems and meet customers'various needs. "Enthusiasm, quality and efficiency" is the consistent service purpose of the after-sales service department.
  Research and development is the source of the formation of the company's core competitiveness. Keeping continuous learning and innovation is an important factor for the company to maintain its technological advantages and become an expert in the soft packaging industry. The company invests a lot of money and manpower in the research and development of new products. Every year, new products and technologies are constantly serving customers.
  Research and development is the driving force of Anhui Tongda's business growth. Today, access to almost all businesses stems from continuous research, development and innovation. Efforts to provide high-tech content of high-quality packaging products for customers, and strive to reduce the total cost of packaging and circulation links for customers.
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 After-sale service

  We regard quality as the basic point of market competition and quality as the life of enterprises, and have passed the international certification of ISO9000 quality management system. In line with the quality policy of "customer satisfaction first, honest service first, meticulous and rigorous basis, continuous improvement first", the company provides good and all-round service. A wide range of product selection, continuous technological innovation, comprehensive support and cooperation, advanced testing facilities and other solutions, to provide you with the greatest convenience and economic benefits, is a partner you can trust.

  Our company has special testing departments, such as gas chromatograph, thickness gauge, tension tester, heat seal tester, bar code recognizer, color difference tester, melt speed tester, electric balance tester, sealing tester, static pressure tester, friction tester, blow-up pressure tester and other advanced testing equipment, which can fully guarantee the best quality, safety and environmental protection for customers Packaging products.